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'Smilies' are small graphical images that can be used to convey an emotion or feeling. If you have used email or internet chat, you are likely familiar with the smilie concept. Certain standard strings are automatically converted into smilies. Try twisting your head on one side if you do not 'get' smilies; using a bit of imagination should reveal a face of some description.

If you want to disable smilies in a post that you make, you can select the 'Disable Smilies' option when posting. This is particularly useful if you are posting program code and you do not want ;) converted to a smilie face!

Generic Smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
pozz.gif pozz.gif pozz.gif
dada.gif dada.gif dada.gif
conie.gif conie.gif conie.gif
umise.gif umise.gif umise.gif
cenzura.gif cenzura.gif cenzura.gif
okey.gif okey.gif okey.gif
friends.gif friends.gif friends.gif
victory.gif victory.gif victory.gif
veselo.gif veselo.gif veselo.gif
kava.gif kava.gif kava.gif
hihih.gif hihih.gif hihih.gif
ljeto.gif ljeto.gif ljeto.gif
volimose.gif volimose.gif volimose.gif
tuzan.gif tuzan.gif tuzan.gif
applaud.gif applaud.gif applaud.gif
hahaahaaa.gif hahaahaaa.gif hahaahaaa.gif
mig.gif mig.gif mig.gif
wink1.gif wink1.gif wink1.gif
zaljubljeni.gif zaljubljeni.gif zaljubljeni.gif
truba.gif truba.gif truba.gif
citam.gif citam.gif citam.gif
hohohoho.gif hohohoho.gif hohohoho.gif
nemanista.gif nemanista.gif nemanista.gif
thanks.gif thanks.gif thanks.gif
viri.gif viri.gif viri.gif
trans.gif trans.gif trans.gif
aha.gif aha.gif aha.gif
hihi.gif hihi.gif hihi.gif
nene.gif nene.gif nene.gif
specool.gif specool.gif specool.gif
hehe.gif hehe.gif hehe.gif
spavanje.gif spavanje.gif spavanje.gif
aaa.gif aaa.gif aaa.gif
hehih.gif hehih.gif hehih.gif
rules.gif rules.gif rules.gif
osmijeh.gif osmijeh.gif osmijeh.gif
hahaha.gif hahaha.gif hahaha.gif
onzna.gif onzna.gif onzna.gif
new.gif new.gif new.gif
zubosmijeh.gif zubosmijeh.gif zubosmijeh.gif
ass.gif ass.gif ass.gif
bijes.gif bijes.gif bijes.gif
hotcoffee.gif hotcoffee.gif hotcoffee.gif
ples.gif ples.gif ples.gif
hehehe.gif hehehe.gif hehehe.gif
dash1 dash1.gif dash1.gif
pozzz.gif pozzz.gif pozzz.gif
bravo.gif bravo.gif bravo.gif
greda.gif greda.gif greda.gif
welcome.gif welcome.gif welcome.gif
nenene.gif nenene.gif nenene.gif
search.gif search.gif search.gif
icon9.gif icon9.gif icon9.gif
goodjob.gif goodjob.gif goodjob.gif
kikice.gif kikice.gif kikice.gif
agree.gif agree.gif agree.gif
oklagija.gif oklagija.gif oklagija.gif
ajmo-zivjeli.gif ajmo-zivjeli.gif ajmo-zivjeli.gif
sapat.gif sapat.gif sapat.gif
cheers2.gif cheers2.gif cheers2.gif
ruza.gif ruza.gif ruza.gif
poljubac.gif poljubac.gif poljubac.gif
crying_with_laughter crying_with_laughter.gif crying_with_laughter.gif
placem.gif placem.gif placem.gif
banned.gif banned.gif banned.gif
seepm.gif seepm.gif seepm.gif
pcman.gif pcman.gif pcman.gif
shoot.gif shoot.gif shoot.gif
huuraa.gif huuraa.gif huuraa.gif
hmmmm.gif hmmmm.gif hmmmm.gif
babybof.gif babybof.gif babybof.gif
sorry.gif sorry.gif sorry.gif
coool.gif coool.gif coool.gif
summer_21.gif summer_21.gif summer_21.gif
hitrun.gif hitrun.gif hitrun.gif
thanx.gif thanx.gif thanx.gif
summer_22.gif summer_22.gif summer_22.gif
yes.gif yes.gif yes.gif
drunk3.gif drunk3.gif drunk3.gif
hi.gif hi.gif hi.gif
hello.gif hello.gif hello.gif
bravo2.gif bravo2.gif bravo2.gif
what.gif what.gif what.gif
drunk1.gif drunk1.gif drunk1.gif
good.gif good.gif good.gif
cheers.gif cheers.gif cheers.gif
oops.gif oops.gif oops.gif
beergreen.gif beergreen.gif beergreen.gif
cigar.gif cigar.gif cigar.gif
bye.gif bye.gif bye.gif
byebye.gif byebye.gif byebye.gif
uhhhhhh.gif uhhhhhh.gif uhhhhhh.gif
grill.gif grill.gif grill.gif
tea_cup.gif tea_cup.gif tea_cup.gif
goodmorning.gif goodmorning.gif goodmorning.gif
grill2.gif grill2.gif grill2.gif
goodnight.gif goodnight.gif goodnight.gif
hitdoom.gif hitdoom.gif hitdoom.gif
singing.gif singing.gif singing.gif
shaking_hands2.gif shaking_hands2.gif shaking_hands2.gif
drunk2.gif drunk2.gif drunk2.gif
welcometows.gif.png welcometows.gif.png welcometows.gif.png
congratulations_oops congratulations_oops.gif congratulations_oops.gif
welcomeback.png welcomeback.png welcomeback.png
welcometows.gif welcometows.gif welcometows.gif
congratulations_good congratulations_good.gif congratulations_good.gif
sleep.gif sleep.gif sleep.gif
happybirthday.gif happybirthday.gif happybirthday.gif
ole.gif ole.gif ole.gif

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