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Default Re: ARGUS-pingulux Sw & Firmware

Argus Pingulux - e2_Alien_RSP197_G1981

Hi, here the image of the new E2 RSP team

News: Remote: - Info on FIND and INFO - Teletext on TV - TV Radio dedicated button - Video Special menu FORMAT V. - PAGE + - salt between the browser and playlist in Media Player, jumps to the end - in other menus started ex.Tunner Configuration - We introduced runlevel now only restart Enigma Enigma2 kill -9 (HD glass was Necessary to skin 16). - HD glass skin 16 (thanks @ Sawaii) - new wizard image in RC - AutoSwap (if any stick a directory with the name swap is a swap of 64 mega created automatically start and then used - Green LED flashes when a key is pressed on the remote (thanks @ osaiya) - red LED is lit when recording - reformatting symbols of 7-segment display (thanks @ osaiya) - (can be used to Mgcamd) SoftCam.Key simplified - Display in standby time (still not hardware) - 03/29/2011 Enigma2 corrected version of the skin, font manager and start the USB HDD - new function for stick to reinstall backup - backup to the emu, and antenna lines - Auto restore stick if the installation was done in the above prior backup

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