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Traian 21-12-2012 21:05

Webserver TV setup (4:2:2 streaming to PC)

1. Make sure you have VLC loaded on your computer.

2. go to settings in the receiver and find the IP address.

3. Go to System and toggle *** Server option to on (the username and password are listed in *** server section)

4. Tune your Triplex or other Spark receiver to whatever channel you would like to stream.

5. enter IP address into your address bar on your PC.

6. Spark Webserver screen will show up where you enter the username and password (usually root, root)

7. Click on Webserver TV option.

Channel should start streaming where it also gives you current channel information. There may be ways to remotely change channel but I haven't gotten that far yet. Also looking for a way to view VLC player in full screen so I can then use HDMI port on my laptop to make it full screen on TV.

tnx To rrob311

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