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Default Oscam for Octagon HD Series

> Octagon HD Series 918 - 1028
> SF-918SE+/1008/1018/1028 HD Linux
> Plugins (Emu/Cam)

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Default Re: Oscam for Octagon HD Series

oscam #6885 dyn. & stat.


22:18 Changeset [6886] by theparasol
Complete rework of timings with PLL internal reader only -> please test!

08:34 Changeset [6887] by gf
reader-bulcrypt: Correctly initialize reader->caid to 0x5581. caid field …

14:34 Changeset [6890] by theparasol
Update for timings PLL readers, now it matches iso standards
13:56 Changeset [6889] by gf
Add header guards in globals.h and global-functions.h
13:46 Changeset [6888] by gf
build: On linux when using libusb link with librt. On lots of …

17:19 Changeset [6892] by gf
Revert "reader-bulcrypt: Correctly initialize reader->caid to 0x5581." …
17:01 Changeset [6891] by gf
config: Apparently we can't depend on cut working everywhere. And since …

20:20 Changeset [6893] by gf
Fix GPIO code to actually work. Adding error checks while trying to fix …

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