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Default Rules Wold-Satellite Forum

Rules Wold-Satellite Forum

- World Satellite Forum Ex Yu International Forum.

- Registration, participation, or by using Satellite-World Forum you agree to these conditions and rules.

- Be sure to first get to know the content of the forum and use the search engine because you'll find so much faster topic that interests you.

- At the WS Forum is installed mod that uses the search engine automatically when you set the title theme, in order to avoid double posting the same topic.

1st Administration World Satellite Forum (hereinafter referred to as WS Forum) has the right to change the rules and conditions without prior notice, while the members are obliged to regularly review changes or updates to these rules. Ignorance of the rules and changes can not be a reason for justification removal incurred sanctions.

2nd Administration WAS Forum is not responsible for any material available on the website WAS Forum, and is not responsible for any resulting damage to users' computers using WS arising Forum or using malicious programs or applications specified in WS Forumu.Članovi WAS Forum are solely responsible for their own set materials or messages while the Administration is not required to browse forums all newly created messages, but has the right without notice to change or delete them if you violate rules and conditions of WAS Forum.

3rd Administration WS Forum is not responsible for members who have set messages or materials, and are subject to copyright law and arising from personal funds (personal upload to various hosting sites), because the administration is unable to link the disputed head lines come from a personal upload or other foreign links found on the Internet.

4th WAS Forum does not deal with personal and strictly prohibits the uploading of any contentious material and set them on the WAS Forum. Administration WS Forum allows indexing of links controversial material subject to copyright law, but bears the consequences of other members who are owners of the disputed material and the same set of WS Forum for their personal interests.

5th All infringing material subject to copyright law will be removed by the administration in the smallest possible, and if the owner is the same as the original damaged proof of ownership or proof of the same person who submitted the request.

6th It is strictly forbidden to post any material of explicit content, child pornography, violence, murder, bloodshed and is not responsible for such acts of other members, but is entitled to a warning, change or delete the same without notice or explanation. All members that put this controversial material will be immediately expelled permanently from the WS Forum and child pornography cases, setting up filing of the relevant institutions for criminal prosecution.

7th In addition to the above material WS Forum Administration prohibits any public insult members based on personal, religious, national basis, and asks all members to notice this, or if the above application materials to them for inspection Administration WS Forum. Depending on the violation of the owner or a member shall be expelled from the forum and will receive a temporary ban on entering the forum depending on the severity of injury.

8th Administration WS Forum is not responsible for the accuracy and content of links that are on the WAS forum and strongly request that all links that lead outside the forum put in tag called "CODE". All links are incorrect or can cause any damage, you can also sign up on the insight Administration WAS Forum, which will allow the owner to change the registered same material, and if the owner does not change within a specified period, the administration itself WS Forum will edit or remove the same subject about the situation or materials.

9th It is forbidden to set the public debate on the links or links that lead to other sites, discussion and mention names of other sites and especially those dealing with the same subject matter as well as WS Forum. All that time they will be dealt with or without warning off with WAS Forum or permanently to a specific time depending on the seriousness of the offense. If you want to set up such links or advertising, previously required to contact the Forum Administration WS agreement to the terms of advertising.

10th It is strictly forbidden to publish Shoutbox key in text form, of any links leading outside of this forum, set up large smileys, images, avatars, and content that is otherwise limited to the WAS forum. All that time they will be dealt with or without warning off with WAS Forum or permanently to a specific time depending on the seriousness of the offense.

11th Spammed prohibited in the forum. The term spam is understood to be publishing posts that are off-topic content by intentionally or duplication of the same themes and content. All that time they will be dealt with without warning permanently excluded from the WS forum.


Posting copyright protected information without proper permission is strictly forbidden on this forum! Even though Administrators and Moderators of™ forum try to delete or edit all the posts with content that is not allowed, yet, it is not possible to check all the posts. Forum mission is solely for education purpose only, and every member is responsibile for legality of his own post!


Posting copyright protected information without propper permission is strictly forbidden on this forum! Even though Administrators and Moderators of™ forum try to delete or edit all the posts with content that is not allowed, yet, it is not possible to check all the posts. Forum mission is solely for education purpose only, and every member is responsibile for legality of his own post!

Administration WS Forum
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