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Default Barry Allen for Kathrein UFS910

Barry Allen for Kathrein UFS910

Multi booting with Barry Allen for UFS - 910, Alpha version for co-developers, testers wanted!
For the first time the how-to that of Barry Allen to the UFS - 910 adapted to un AlphaKite the co-development and testing.

The ba *. zip (what else can I not attach here) contains the ba *. tar.gz from the How-To - unpack the PC

and then stick to USB or via FTP to / tmp trasnferieren of the UFS-910 as described below.

Please also do not expect too much, I'm not going to UFS - to develop 910, but after seeing the Dream boxes pretty well knows how to multi Booted I thought it would maybe you a little help more fun with your UFS - 910 have .

Now, for Barry Allen for UFS - 910:

Basically I stole only the most necessary things shown on the TV - so there is no boot manager, not a plugin or something similar and it will probably remain that way since I can only have limited time to invest in the matter and will!

How to install it:

Simply copy ba *. tar.gz from the Annex to / tmp with ftp or on a USB stick and then copying from there to / tmp:

cp / euerusbmountdirectory / ba *. tar.gz / tmp

Then unpack:

cd / tmp
tar-xzf *. tar.gz ba
cd ba
. /

is if it the USB stick or USB hard drive tuned yet, this (r) formatted with ext3 file system (it will then only on a Linux PC to be mountable or with special drivers on Windows - Googling helps - but FAT can be no Linux Image start properly).

Following to Barry Allen

On the USB flash drive or USB hard drive to install in / mnt / usb / ba.

A Kathrein image can then copy from flash on / mnt / usb / ba / ba / image name

cd / mnt / usb / ba - that we have to do before all commands, BA (1x enough but of course)

. / copy booted image name

So you can just copy so in <2min Flash to USB :-)

Just as you can also copy between images on USB:

. / copy image name imagenamederkopie

With the info you could see what you have installed for images and what is just booted (the latter is in the file / bainfo -.. So cat / bainfo you can also quickly check inwelchem Image to nist -. There is no / bainfo file one is in the Flash Image ):

. / info

Image delete again:

. / delete image name

Image renaming:

. / new name image name image name

One can image backup into / mnt / usb / UFS_Image and restore from there:

. / booted_oder_imagename backup backup name (optional)

Watch out - the compression in a *. tar.gz UFS_ it takes about 10 minutes until the backup image is completed, a restore is much faster. So a backup image from one image is about X. XMB large.

. / extract backup name image name (optional)

As a backup with the name UFS_imagename.tar.gz images which are used then to / can copy from the PC.

List the backup image:

. / List

That would be the most important functions of Barry Allen.

can select an image to start with one then:

. / Start image name

Or in the respective / mnt / usb / ba / ba / image directory name is always a script that if one chooses to start executing the particular image.

In both cases, but really nothing exciting happened, just the name of the selected images is easy in one. Baboot file written in the same directory is we

Once you have copied an image you can start using this right now in 2 ways /:

The telnet login and:

. / chroot image name

This will keep the current image as it is in the telnet shell you will change into a chroot environment of the images with the imagnamen. Also, all directories are gemounet in Flash, and the / dev and / proc file system should also be present.

can be described on USB After the whole image to do so then there already a lot. For example, one of the busybox image if you are still booting from the flash by a full replace busybox, then this link to crond to execute scripts on a regular basis, ...

On / mnt / usb / ba furthermore there is a script bainite.

If you start this bainit after an image as described above (with boot image name or in each image directory) has chosen to boot is the current (flash) image and stop with the PRIOR or ba . sh boot image name out select switch with chroot image.

If you logged then again with a telnet, so you can see which one ended up in the respective image area is (cat /. Bainfo or. / info).

The GUI of the UFS - 910 then you can start with:

sh-x / app / &

Theoretically, the GUI is also directly in the bainite start (is already commented out there) - it tries out ienfach.

By hand but you can start the GUI, what the other Entwilcung should be enough of the boot image from USB.

This is not yet a truly multi-boot, but I think it helps you anyway without having to build complete image to the image of the UFS - 910 tinker.

If anyone wants to further develop scripts Barry Allen is also a here again the ba *. tar.gz kit created - evt edit before if you want to buy another version number to avoid confusion.

barry-allen-UFS-910-E2 Packet37

BA: Install
1. jungfreulichen take stick and infect
2. killall rcS
3. killall enigma2
4. attached file to / tmp directory
5. cd / tmp
6. tar-xzf barry-allen-UFS-910-E2.tar.gz
7. cd ba
8. . / install
9. Follow instructions on the screen
10. reboot

BA update:
1. attached file to / tmp directory
2. cd / tmp
3. tar-xzf barry-allen-UFS-910-E2.tar.gz
4. cd ba
5. . / update

Image: Install
1. killall rcS
2. killall enigma2
3. Copy image to / var / baroot / UFS_Images
4. sync
5. cd / var / baroot / ba
6. . / extract <filename without tar.gz> <Image Name>


Start Multipart:
1. cd / var / baroot / ba
2. . / start_multipart
3. sync

Image for multipart installation
1. killall rcS
2. killall enigma2
3. Copy image to / var / baroot / UFS_Images
4. sync
5. cd / var / baroot / ba
6. . / e2ba_extract <filename without tar.gz> <Image Name>
7. Follow instructions on the screen.

Device Partitioning:
1. cd / var / baroot / ba
2. . / part
3. Follow instructions on the screen.

patch from Packet9 Flasch:
1. cd / var / baroot / ba
2. . / patch

Image: Rename
1. cd / var / baroot / ba
2. . / rename <old Name> <new Name>

Image Delete:
1. cd / var / baroot / ba
2. . / delete <Image Name>

1. cd / var / baroot / ba
2. . / info


NOTE: Version 0.33 only works with images from the 20.09.09

Last e2-BA version in Appendix

By MC_Ohr EDIT: grabbed from all the additions from this thread, the package 0:34.

EDIT by MC_Ohr: With Version 0.35 of BA should be running in the Olympic image again. For me it works.
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Default Re: Barry Allen for Kathrein UFS910

BA 6.1 für Original im Flash

Installationroutine auf neue rcS angepasst.
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File Type: gz barry-allen-UFS-910-6.1_GOst.tar.gz (1.71 MB, 5 views)
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