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Default Edison Piccollino S2+T2/c

Hi all
I recently bought a Edision Piccollino S2+T2/c, I cannot connect to a server, I know you need paid subscriptions for iptv which I already have on a Magbox, but I want to put this box in another room and just want basic internet connections on it for the moment I will probably try it with a test to see if iptv will work on it at some stage, but for the moment I would like to be able to at least get youtube
can someone please tell me what I need to do to get this box to connect to the internet (yes the ethernet cable is plugged into the port at the back)
I posted elsewhere that I tried to load an abs file onto it but it says bootloader mismatch but that's another issue at least I think it is
any help as always greatly appreciated
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