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Default How to USB flash upgrade VU+ Solo2

How to USB flash upgrade VU+ Solo2

1) Prepare a USB stick, format FAT32. we recommend using this HP Format tool.
2) Download the image you would like to use, extract the vuplus folder.
3) Copy the vuplus folder to root of your USB stick.
4) Connect to VU+ Solo2.
5) Power on, when prompted on front display to press power button, touch the BLUE cirlces to the left of the front panel. This is the touch sensitive power button.
6) Wait for the flashing process to complete and automatically reboot. DO NOT POWER OFF DURING THE FLASHING PROCESS!

Once you copy the vuplus folder to USB stick as in step 3, you should see the vuplus folder when accessing the root of the USB stick. Folder structure should be vuplus > solo2 > flash files.

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