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Default Re: Updates on Feed for VTI Images

Update: 08.11.2013

- update drivers (2013-11-08, duo,solo,uno,ultimo)
Support play/pause key of new Duo2 RC at solo/duo/uno/ultimo

Update: 06.11.2013

- update drivers (2013-11-06)
Fix HDMI hotplug in standby(proc entry is also added)
Support DVB-T2 automatic scan(uno, ultimo, duo2)
Improve transcoding(duo2, solo2)
Add dst_apply proc entry
Increase demux number to 9(duo2, solo2, ultimo)
Support blindscan in all slots(ulitmo, duo2)

- update transtreamproxy (duo2, solo2 ver. 2.0-r7)

Update: 05.11.2013

- increase image version to VTi 6.0.3
- update dvbapp2 (ver. 2013-11-05)
fix simple service list (e.g. at AutoTimer plugin)
tiny cosmetics in service list
fix bookmark creation for new folders in MovieList
use OpenPLi code for picture decoding/rendering --> THX @OpenPLi

- update plugin OpenWebInterface (ver. 0.2.5 2013-11-05)
- update transtreamproxy (ver. 2.0)
include filestreamproxy

- update plugin PlanerFS (ver. 5.13)
- update skin AtileHD (ver. 1.6-r0)
- update skin ElgatoHD MaggyMod (ver. 1.1)
- update skin TronHD (ver. 1.1)
- update skin FutureHD (ver. 1.1d)
- add skin RedChristmasHD (ver. 1.0)
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