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Default Yumatu Share via SBCL,Fausto and WSP Plugin

Posted: Mon Nov 15, 2010 21:56 pm Post subject: Reply with quote
15/11/10 Redlight Elite Fusion Package x5 13°E CCWs - thx BIS
05/11/10 Bulsatcom 39°E [Key02[04] Active posted @ 6/11 8:39am [GMT] - (Fausto Emulator/Ipnosys EMU and others Not Underworld) - thx MASARE team(Public Key)/Ipnosys Team(Diablo v2 Ipnosys AU)
04/11/10 Canal Digitaal NL 19.2°E Key0C [Next, Dec2010] (Basic Package Ipnosys [Diablo v2]/Underworld [WiFi] Only) - thx tolive
03/11/10 RAI 13°E Key0C [Next, Dec2010] (for Diablo use RAI card or Fausto Emulator) - thx ******
01/11/10 Telespazio Hungary 4°W Key0C [Next, Dec2010] (for Diablo use Telespazio Hungary card or Fausto Emulator) - thx 5ocnarf2
27/10/10*TotoTV 1°W Biss - thx dare2
25/10/10 TNT Sat 19.2°E (Ipnosys EMU/Underworld WiFi Only) - thx Ipnosys/Underworld Team
06/10/10 Persia CA 26°E Biss Key/New SID 17/10 - thx Ramzen/marokino08
06/10/10 RAI 13°E Key0D [Active, Nov2010] (for Diablo use RAI card or Fausto Emulator) - thx ******
04/10/10 Canal Digitaal NL 19.2°E Key0D [Active, Nov2010] (Basic Package Ipnosys [Diablo v2]/Underworld [WiFi] Only) - thx tolive
04/10/10 Telespazio Hungary 4°W Key0D [Active, Nov2010] (for Diablo use Telespazio Hungary card or Fausto Emulator) - thx 5ocnarf2
Constant Control Words: Turn Fixed CW [ON] also in most cases turn Auto PMT [OFF] Unless Control Word CAID not in CAID file
- "Redlight Premium","French ***** TV","Free-XTV","Free-XTV 2","X Dream TV": Hotbird 9 (13E) 11411H S/R 27500 FEC 5/6 (CAID 0500).

NB Recommended CAM settings CAIDs [MAIN], AutoPMT [OFF], Fixed CW [ON], N2 AU [OFF]. For RAI (13E) & Mediatech (4W) use Fausto Emulator [FE] or use the Seca Gold/Fun Cards [FunSECom / Secom 3.x version, Diablo Compatible] from the card files section. *Remember to Use appropriate Seca CAID settings for RAI (0030)/Mediatech (002A)/Canal Digitaal NL (006A). A quick note regarding Fausto Emulator. FE works with Diablo Wireless or Season Interface on various CAMs eg Dragon/T-Rex & built in CI slots etc. FE also supports CS protocols and allows public hacks not prev available on Dragon/T-Rex etc, eg public Via2.6 hacks and 4.8E Viasat SoftN*D*S channels.

NB. This key.bin contains only active keys/control words (ie only Control Words listed above in bin at the moment, no old control words) supported by diablo/fausto, large key.bins containing dead keys/control words in addition to slowing the cam, can interfere with the use of official cards and possibly card share emulators....

Note: File is named after last update done, this does not (especially in the case of channels opened with Control Words {CCWs**) mean the channel/package named will open, please read info in this thread and on the forum as to what is currently open
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